DAILY LEGAL CURRENT AFFAIRS OF 10-10-21 and 11-10-21

  • The apex court held in case Nasib Singh vs State of Punjab,2021 that the conviction or acquittal of accused cannot be set aside on the ground that there is a possibility of separate trial or joint trial. It can only be set aside when it’s proved before the court that the accused were prejudiced.
  • The apex court observed that the civil court have limited jurisdiction in case of industrial dispute. The authorities who can take up the matter is mentioned under Industrial dispute act.
  • The anticipatory bail passed by the subordinate court can be set aside by the higher court. The anticipatory bail given under section 438 of code of criminal procedure. This section was added by the criminal amendment act, 1973.
  • The genuineness of the will cannot be question merely on the ground that the name of one of the siblings is not mentioned in the will unless such will create suspicion in mind or create suspicious circumstances.
  • Justice Rajesh Bindal appointed as the Chief justice of Allahabad high court.
  • Justice Akil Kureshi appointed as the Chief Justice of Rajasthan High court.
  • Justice Ranjit V More appointed as the Chief Justice of Meghalaya High court.
  • Justice Satish Chandra Sharma appointed as the Chief Justice of Telangana High court.
  • Justice Prakash Srivastava appointed as the Chief Justice of Calcutta High court.
  • Justice R V Malimath appointed as the Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh High court.
  • Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi appointed as the Chief Justice of Karnataka High court.
  • Justice Aravind kumar appointed as the Chief Justice of Gujarat High court
  • Justice Prashant Kumar Mishra appointed as the Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh High court.
  • The employee working as part time employee in government institution cannot seek salary same as of regular government employee.

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