Most of the court staff of the Supreme Court was tested positive for Covid-19. In the rise of Covid-19 cases in Delhi, Judges decided to continue the court’s proceedings from their home, all the dates which are fixed for physical hearing are suspended.

Due to the huge number of the court staff being tested positive, the entire court premise like a courtroom, offices, canteen, etc is sanitized.

The Supreme Court issued some circulars for the courts proceeding in the covid-19 situation in the capital.

In one circular the court states that as the judges are doing work from their homes. The proceeding scheduled for 10:30 AM will now be scheduled at 11:30 AM and the proceeding scheduled for 11:00 AM will now be scheduled at 12:00 AM.

In the second circular the court states that the physical hearing of the cases scheduled by the registrar general is so far suspended. But the virtual hearing of the cases will be continued from now onwards, till further orders passed by the court in this regard.

11,491 cases are recorded today in Delhi; such a high number of cases was recorded for the first time in one day. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is talking about the institution of lockdown in Delhi if the cases continue to rise and beds for covid-19 patients become out of stock. So far in April, nearly 50,000 cases of covid-19 are recorded.

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