A police van carrying Aaftab Poonawala from the forensic lab to Tihar prison was attacked by men with swords who attacked the vehicle despite the officers pointing their guns at them.

Police received information about a man claiming to be from the Hindu Sena who attacked Poonawala’s car and manned the scene, according to a senior official. Police have not confirmed whether the man is actually from the Hindu Sena or another group. Guarding the van, other personnel intervene to defuse the situation and keep the prisoners out of harm’s way. One of the employees swings a gun at the man and points it in the air. “Aaftab was unharmed and the van was able to drive away,” officials said. Officials informed the media that so far he has had arrested three persons. Video from the incident shows one of the shooters opening the rear door of the van to find him inside the van but found the police officer infront.

G S Sidhu, DCP Rohini confirmed the arrest and said legal action would be taken. “These men stopped police cars, brandished swords and attacked vehicles with stones to prevent staff from carrying out their duties.

When contacted, the Hindu Sena national president Vishnu Gupta confirmed the outfit’s members were involved in the attack. “Delhi Police told that Hindu Sena activists tried to attack Aftab outside Rohini Court. Whatever these activists have done is their personal feelings, the whole country is watching how Aftab cut a Hindu girl into pieces. The organisation does not support any such work which is against the Constitution of India; we believe in the law of India,” he said in a statement.

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