The Patna based court recently granted bail to lawyer Niranjan Kumar, who was accused of trying to rape the intern in his office.

Prahalad Kumar, Chief judicial magistrate granted bail to the accused on Dec. 24 after police detained him in custody on the previous day.

The surviving girl is a 21-year-old law student currently in Patna where she is studying law at Chanakya National Law University.

From December 1st she worked as an intern at the Niranjan’s firm and on December 23rd, the last day of her internship, she was reportedly harassed by her lawyer.

According to her complaint, he coerced her girl into sexual acts under the name of “Guru Dakshina” (to repay her teacher as her mentor) and tried to rape her in her room. . A law student called the police and the lawyer was arrested.

She told the police that,“After asking me to stay in his room tonight, the lawyer grabbed my hand and forced me into his bedroom in the office space. , he holded my hand tight.I was very nervous and he started saying don’t be afraid, this is Guru Dakshina.I boldly taken my hand away from his grip and said that the phone is coming from my home. I need to attend the call,”. The advocate  charged with attempt of rape and various provisions of the Indian Penal Code.

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