Supreme Court lawyer Vidhi Thaker recently clinched the top position in this year’s Advocate on Record (AoR) exam, surpassing 198 other aspirants who cleared the examination held in June. Thaker, known for her practice before the Bombay High Court and currently working alongside Senior Advocate Siddhartha Dave, sheds light on her journey and experiences in a candid conversation with Bar & Bench’s Aamir Khan.

Reflecting on her achievement, Thaker considers this milestone as a catalyst propelling her young career at the Supreme Court to new heights. Beyond professional strides, she sees this success as a heartfelt tribute to her family’s unwavering support and a personal triumph over past uncertainties.

Thaker attributes her professional growth to Senior Advocate Siddhartha Dave, acknowledging his pivotal role in shaping her understanding of Supreme Court practice. She expresses gratitude for his guidance, emphasizing the significance he placed on the AoR Exam and his unwavering support throughout her preparation.

Harking back to her early days in Mumbai, Thaker credits her formative years practicing in the Bombay High Court, highlighting the immense support and encouragement she received from seniors and colleagues. Notably, Advocate KunalBhanage played a pivotal role in her career, offering guidance and opportunities while encouraging her to explore her potential in Delhi.

Her decision to shift from Mumbai to Delhi stemmed from her intrigue with the complex cases and profound legal questions brought before the Supreme Court. Drawing from her experience in trial courts and the Bombay High Court, Thakerswiftly adapted to the apex court’s demands, emphasizing its wider perspective on social justice and law.

When preparing for the AoR exam, Thaker meticulously utilized the summer break, dedicating time to understand various legal concepts, supplemented by virtual courtroom observations. She prioritized balanced study schedules and emphasized deepening her understanding of the law beyond mere exam preparation.

Throughout her journey, Thaker acknowledges the support of her family, particularly her parents and sister, alongside her partner, Prastut Dalvi, and the invaluable guidance from her first boss in Delhi, retired Justice Indu Malhotra, and Senior Advocate Siddhartha Dave.

Balancing work, studies, and family was made easier for Thakerby considering work itself as a form of study, learning firsthandfrom court proceedings. Additionally, her passion for running provided mental fortitude, teaching her to persevere through challenges.

For aspiring AoR candidates, Thaker advises a shift in perspective, urging them to realize that most learning occurs within courtrooms. She emphasizes leveraging resources like lecture series organized by the Supreme Court AoR Association and notes provided by Senior Advocates, transforming the exam preparation from a test to an opportunity to excel in the legal realm.

Thaker’s insightful journey and advice offer a beacon of guidance to future legal aspirants, underscoring the value of mentorship, dedication, and a holistic approach to legal practice and examination preparation.

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