Some professions in India cannot advertise their profession due to their ethical codes like Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Doctors, Advocates and others.

ADVOCATES: After completing the law degree, a student will appear in the examination of the bar council of India for getting the licence to practice in court. After clearing the examination he gets the enrollment in bar council of India and becomes an advocate from the lawyer. Advocates can also be of three types: 

  1. Advocate
  2. Senior advocate
  3. Advocate on record

Advocate cannot advertise their profession because rule 36 of the Bar Council of India prohibits lawyers from advertising about their profession.

Against this rule, many petitions are filed in the court.

In Maharastra vs Dabholkar, 1976 the court said that commercial competition can vulgarise the legal profession.

In Tata yellow pages vs MTNL,1995 the court said that article 19(1)(a) of the constitution protects commercial speech and the legal profession is also a kind of business.

In consequence of this judgement in 2008 Bar Council of India relaxed its rules. So at present, you can see the websites of advocates.

In R N Sharma vs State of Haryana, 2003 the court said that advocates are the officers of the court. This profession is a noble profession and not a trade or business. So lawyers are prohibited from using social media and advertisements.

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