The Delhi HC, on Thursday said that lawyers appearing at the Supreme Court, High Court or District Court must wear a white ribbon and legal trainees come to court wearing black ties, coats, trousers and white shirts.

Judge Prathiba M Singh said on the Delhi Bar Association’s (BCD) resolution requiring interns to wear black ties, coats, trousers and white shirts, a Shahdara Bar Association (SBA) circular also mentioned the same. The judge told the court that “I’m telling you Blue coats do not survive”.

The court heard a plea by law student named Hardik Kapoor to challenge the SBA-issued circulation.

On 1st December, the court suspended the order and asked the BCD to convene a meeting of all bar associations and other stakeholders in the state capital to come to an agreement on what legal trainees should wear.

Attorney Ujwal Ghai appeared on behalf of the petitioner said that the SBA Circular was void as it was the prerogative of the Indian Bar Association to formulate rules regarding uniforms for attorneys and interns and the Bar Council of India had already established rules of BAR COUNCIL OF INDIA, 2008, Section 27.

After reviewing the case, the court said the SBA’s memorandum would not survive given the resolution passed by the BCD.

Therefore, the general court dismisses the legal petition. 

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