By Satya Bhama, Lloyd law College

On Sunday 2nd May, 2021, West Bengal election result 2021 was announced in which TMC won the election of Bengal by defeating BJP. It was a great victory for the TMC members and for Mamta Banerjee. As everyone is aware that how much covid-19 is spreading and the cases of covid is at its peak and daily thousands of people died due to this deadly strain and having full awareness and knowledge about the situation in India, the political leaders held campaigns and rallies for the advertising of their party to gain votes. And in this campaigns and rallies thousands of people did not follow any guidelines for the protection from this deadly strain. Even the political parties and their leaders did not follow the covid-19 protocols and force people to gather at a crowded place. The political leaders did not think about the common public while only aims to win the election. After the declaration of results TMC leaders and their members gathered at office and celebrate their victory without following the covid guidelines. Just after that, many news and information started coming out from the west Bengal related to the widespread violence just aftermath of assembly polls in West Bengal. Thereafter, it was plead in Supreme Court to seek president rule in West Bengal for the widespread post poll violence.


Just after the poll result there was a widespread violence in some of the west Bengal areas where many people were killed and injured, many houses are burnt and many people were killed. BJP alleged that TMC is behind this violence.

TMC denied all of these charges and have nothing to say related to this matter. A plea was filled in the Supreme Court to impose article 356, to seek presidential rule in west Bengal to handle the situation and asked for the armed forces to control these kinds of goons and protect the common public from such violence. There have been instances of heinous crimes including numbing of localities, murder violations against the modesty of women, riotous looting, kidnapping, arson and destruction of public property.


After the breakdown of constitutional machinery President can impose President’s rule in state. If the state government is not functioning according to the constitution, central government can take the control of state on the ground of failure of constitutional machinery under article 356. The plea requested the court to constitute a special investigation team SIT headed by retired judges of the top court to look into involvement of politicians, if any in the alleged target programmed in West Bengal. 


The court did not gave any order related to this petition. But such things are happening which is illegal and opposite to the constitution of India than in my opinion actions must be taken to stop such violence in west Bengal and proper investigation should also done for the purpose of justice for those who were killed, injured and get affected in any way.

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