In a significant turn of events within the corridors of the Delhi High Court, Ashneer Grover, the former Managing Director of BharatPe, presented an apology for allegedly posting defamatory content against the fintech company on various social media platforms. Grover not only tendered an apology but also offered an undertaking promising to refrain from posting similar content in the future.

Presided over by Justice Rekha Palli, the courtroom witnessed the binding of Grover to an affidavit undertaking, contingent upon the payment of a substantial penalty amounting to Rs. 2 lakhs. This sum was directed to be paid to the Delhi High Court Bar Clerk’s Association.

Expressing her dismay over what she termed as the “persistent violation” of judicial orders by Grover, Justice Palli made pointed remarks regarding the defendant’s continual disregard for the court’s directives.

However, considering Grover’s recent affidavit pledging to abstain from disseminating defamatory content against BharatPein the future, coupled with an apology for his past social media posts, the court decided to close the matter by binding him to the undertaking he provided.

This legal saga unfolded as a consequence of an application filed by BharatPe in a defamation lawsuit against Grover and several others. The fintech company sought to restrain the former MD from making defamatory statements against it on any public platform.

BharatPe argued that despite a specific court order issued on May 16 instructing both parties to avoid making derogatory or defamatory remarks against each other, Grover persisted in publishing offensive tweets targeting the fintech company.

The company informed the court that despite Grover’s assurance on May 26 to voluntarily remove the contentious posts and abide by the court’s May 16 order in the future, he persistently engaged in publishing defamatory content against BharatPe.

In response, Grover’s legal counsel highlighted their client’s unequivocal apology in the affidavit, acknowledging the defamation of BharatPe through his social media posts. They emphasized Grover’s firm commitment to refraining from any future dissemination of defamatory content.

While imposing a penalty of Rs. 2 lakhs on Grover, Justice Pallidirected him to remit the amount within one week. Additionally, the court instructed the Bar Clerk’s Association to allocate the funds for the welfare of families who lost their loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The defendants In the lawsuit encompass Grover, his wife, brother-in-law, and father-in-law. BharatPe’s claims against them revolve around allegations of orchestrating a “vicious campaign” against the company.

In the lawsuit, BharatPe has sought damages exceeding Rs. 88 crores from the defendants and requested an injunction to restrain them from making defamatory statements targeting the company.

This development in the ongoing legal conflict between AshneerGrover and BharatPe underscores the impact of social media conduct and its implications in legal proceedings. The court’s directives emphasize the importance of compliance with judicial orders and the repercussions of defamatory actions in the digital age.

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