Ayesha Mubarak khan made a 2 minute video before jumping in the Sabarmat river. She said she was fed up of the things happening in her life and wanted to end it, if Aarif (husband) wants the freedom, she will give it to him. She also asked her father not to pursue the domestic violence case and withdraw it.

In the said video made by Ayesha before committing suicide she said – Whatever i am doing, i am doing on my own no one pressurised me to do this. The life given to me by Aalah was only this much. I am happy that i will meet Aalah finally, and will ask him what was my fault that he gave me such life? And please don’t show me the face of human again. She said whenever you love someone, it should be from both side, never love someone onesided.

The Dead body of Ayesha was found by fire brigade’s rescue team and then brought to hospital where she was declared brought dead.

After the recovery of dead body a case was filled for abetment to suicide under section 306 of Indian Penal Code.

Gujrat police have arrested Aarif from Pali, Rajasthan and brought him to Ahmedabad.

According to the family members the husband Aarif used to work as supervisor in a Granite factory with his father Babu Khan. He had also rented two of his shops. Ayesha used to work in ICICI Bank in mutual fund department. She was also a student of final year of MA in Economics in SV Commerce College in Ahemdabad.

In the record obtained by police of call records it shows Ayesha had 72 min phone call with Aarif on 25 feb where he told her to die and send him the video before doing it. Ayesha also called her parents before committing suicide on 26 feb. In the 5 minute call to her parents she said that she is going to jump in the river. Parents asked her not to do so but they failed to convince her.

Further reports have come that Aarif had an extra marital affair with some girl in Rajasthan. Aarif used to video call some girl from Rajasthan and talk to her in vulgar and obscene language in front of Ayesha. Aarif used to tell Ayesha that he loves some other girl will continue to talk to her whether she likes it or not. Ayesha went into depression hearing this but she kept mum fearing loss of marital dignity.life. Ayesha had also suffered miscarriage due to these tension in her.

In 2019 Aarif pressurised Ayesha and her parents for the dowry of 10 lakh to him. Later 1.5 lakh were given to Aarif by Ayesha’s father. 

Ayesha had lodged a complaint against her husband and in-laws at Vatva police station alleging she was beaten up in her matrimonial house in Jalore by them. She also had filled a domestic violence case in court against them.

Ayesha loved Jalore. She always used to come there to spend some time on holidays. Jalore was her maternal house. In 2018 she was married to Aarif son of Babu Khan who was from Jalore.

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