The Delhi Bar Council has finalized the draft for the Delhi Advocate (Protection) Bill 2023.

The bill defines violent acts, perpetrators, and punishment, and provides advocates with compensation and police protection in the event of intimidation.

The bill proposes to set up a standing Complaints Board at the level of each District Court and the Delhi HC.

According to a press release from the Coordinating Committee of All Bar Associations, District Court, Delhi, this committee includes the  District Judges at district level, the President of the relevant Bar Associations, and the Delhi Bar Association.

“In the case of the HC, the Commission shall consist of the Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court or his representative together with the President of the Bar Association of the Delhi High Court Bar Association and the Chairman or nominee of the Bar Association. Delhi,” the explanation reads.

 These commissions are proposed to take action as soon as a case occurs on the court premises and make every effort to resolve it.

“If the circumstances warrant, the Commission shall refer the matter to the High Court and the Delhi Bar Association, and in the case of the police or other authorities, the Commission shall have the power to issue appropriate directions on the facts set before it.”

The bill also protects lawyers from “wrongful arrest” and “malicious prosecution.”

The bill was drafted by a special committee of his BCD chaired by Advocate KC Mittal.

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