The judge said: “There is no amount to compensate for human injury and personal deprivation.”

 The Bombay High Court recently added an additional 50,000 rupees to the compensation to be given to a  girl who was physically and mentally distressed in an accident and sentenced. Did. “There is no amount to compensate for human suffering and personal deprivation.”

 On May 13, 2014, a mother and daughter suffered an accident that affected their physical and mental health and continues to this day. I was in pain. Two separate claims for damages were filed in the Car Accident Claims Court in distress and distress In 2019 the mother received £ 20,87,954 at an annual interest rate of 7%  and the daughter at an interest rate of £ 22,50,727. Receiving the prize The obligation to pay the appeal compensation at


, which is 7% per year, was assigned to the owner of the vehicle responsible for Shre. We took responsibility for the accident and made the insurance company IFFCO Tokyo Non-life Insurance Company jointly and severally liable. Angry at the court order, the company appealed to the High Court.

 The judge’s single bench, Bharati Dangre, issued an order on April 7, but a copy became available on April 26. There was a petition from IFFCO Tokyo Non-life Insurance Co., Ltd. to challenge the compensation. The

  order pointed out that the mother and daughter each paid £ 9,000 for treatment and sought compensation of £ 1,000 each. The mother has twin daughters, is a special child, has physical and mental disabilities, and requires the mother’s careful attention. Before the courtroom, the two girls could not even answer the call of nature themselves and could do all the activities, albeit in the simplest form, only if they signalled her mother for help. It was clearly claimed that it could be done. She had to hire a maid service and cook for her family.

 The court said: “For young daughters, in my opinion, compensation does not include elements of the couple’s loss of perspective and future treatment. Therefore, I would like to have 3 larks in the future if there is no prospect of marriage. By adding 2 larks to the treatment, there is a tendency to increase the limited rewards for the daughter.

 The court dismissed the appeal and ordered an additional 50,000 rupees for compensation.

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