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New Delhi, September 11, 2023* – In a shocking turn of events, a prominent 61-year-old lawyer from the Delhi High Court, Renu Sinha, was discovered dead in her residence in Sector 20, Noida. Just hours after her lifeless body was found on Sunday, Noida police detained her husband, Nitin Sinha, on suspicion of her murder. 

The grim discovery came to light after Renu Sinha’s concerned brother, alarmed by her unresponsiveness to phone calls for two consecutive days, reported her absence to the Sector 20 police station. Responding swiftly, law enforcement arrived at the Sinha residence and forced entry into the premises. Tragically, they found Renu Sinha’s lifeless body in the bathroom.

Raising suspicions of foul play, Renu Sinha’s brother expressed concerns over his sister’s relationship with her husband, Nitin Sinha. He hinted at a possible property dispute between the couple that might have contributed to this horrific incident. An official involved in the investigation remarked, “The complainant has said there was some property dispute between husband and wife. We are awaiting the postmortem report, after that, we will get a clear picture of the reason for the death.”

Nitin Sinha, who had been conspicuously absent with his mobile phone switched off, was tracked down by the Noida police. They discovered him hiding in a storeroom on the first floor of their shared residence. His capture necessitated the use of force, as the police had to break through various gates to reach him. This development raised further suspicion and led to the subsequent detention of Nitin Sinha.

The couple’s only son, who resides in the United States and visits his family sporadically, is not currently in India. This family dynamic has added complexity to the case, with investigators looking into possible motives and any prior incidents that may have led to this tragedy.

In response to this disturbing incident, the Noida police have registered a First Information Report (FIR) under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which pertains to murder, against Nitin Sinha. The investigation is now in full swing, with authorities gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and awaiting the crucial postmortem report to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Renu Sinha’s untimely demise.

The community has been left in shock by the sudden and violent death of a respected lawyer, and they await answers as the investigation progresses. Meanwhile, Nitin Sinha remains in police custody, and the legal system is poised to take further action based on the evidence uncovered during this tragic case.

As this disturbing incident unfolds, it serves as a reminder of the complexities that can lie beneath seemingly ordinary lives, leaving a community in mourning and searching for justice.

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