Around 10:30 pm on Saturday, a judge at the Saket Court told police that his wife went to the Malviya nagar market around 11:30 am but did not return. He submitted a report of the missing person to the police station in saket and an investigation was initiated by the police officials.

 Police checked CCTV footage and found a 42-year-old woman boarding an auto-rickshaw. During the investigation, the driver of the rickshaw told police that he had dropped the judge’s wife at Rajpur Khurd.

 Police officers said information was shared with a judge who confirmed that his brother-in-law lived in the area, said Deputy  Police Secretary (South) Benita Mary Jaker. They said that three suicide notes were recovered from the flat in Rajpur Khurd Extension.  The judge, accompanied by the police, reached the building and found the flat to be closed from outside. The police gained entry into the flat after breaking the iron grills only to find the woman hanging from the ceiling fan with a `dupatta`, the DCP said.

 “It was a vacant flat on the first floor. Her brother`s family lives on the second floor. Three suicide notes were also found. The body has been shifted to AIIMS mortuary,” the officer said, adding that investigation was underway.

(source: the print)

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