In a decisive ruling, the Calcutta High Court’s vacation bench strongly denounced social ostracism, terming it incompatible with a civilized society. The case, involving a family subjected to social boycott after objecting to an illegal temple construction, witnessed Justice Jay Sengupta’s stern directives to the Police authorities to ensure peace and strict adherence to a civil court’s injunction order.

The case (Sri RanajitMondal v The State of West Bengal &Ors., W.P.A. 11715 of 2023) highlighted the plight of a family facing social exclusion by their neighborhood due to their objections against an unauthorized temple construction near their property. The petitioners’ legal action included obtaining an interim injunction, restraining the construction on disputed land, leading to a section of the community socially boycotting them.

Justice Sengupta’s bench took exception to this unjust treatment and directed the Police to maintain vigilant surveillance in the area, ensuring no breach of peace and strict compliance with the civil court’s injunction. The Court’s directives encompassed regular police patrols to prevent any violation of the court order and to safeguard peace and order in the locality.

The petitioners’ plea brought attention to the alleged illegal construction, disturbing their peaceful possession, prompting legal recourse through a civil suit. It’s noteworthy that the State had also initiated proceedings under Section 107 of the CrPC against the respondents involved in the disputed temple construction.

In a bid to address the injustice faced by the petitioners due to social ostracization, the Court’s disposal of the plea centered on ensuring the enforcement of the injunction order and maintaining a peaceful environment in the area.

This landmark ruling underscores the judiciary’s firm stance against social exclusion, asserting that such practices have no place in a society governed by the rule of law. The Court’s directives not only prioritize upholding individual rights but also emphasize the vital role of the administration in preserving peace and harmony while respecting court orders within communities.

The Calcutta High Court’s intervention in condemning social boycott reaffirms its commitment to ensuring justice, equality, and societal harmony while firmly addressing regressive practices detrimental to communal cohesion.

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