On Monday centre introduces a criminal procedure identification bill, 2022 in lower house.

This bill was introduced in the lower house by Anil Mishra (Minister) on behalf of Amit Shah (Home Minister). The purpose behind introducing this bill is to repeal the 102 years old Identification of Prisoners act, 1920 and its place new law will be placed for keeping measurements of prisoners for helping the police in the investigation.

Under the current act police can only take measurements of fingers and foot of certain categories of convicted persons and non-convicted persons.

Under the bill, the police officer can keep the record of statements, signatures, handwriting, palm prints, fingerprints, footprints, retina scans, photographs, biological samples, etc. This information should be kept for a period of 75 years from the date of the collection.

If the convicted or non-convicted person refuses to give measurements to the police he can be arrested under section 186 of the Indian Penal Code and will be punished for three months or a fine.

The central government tells in the house that the person not convicted for an offence committed against children or women or offence punishable with less than seven years of imprisonment can deny giving biological samples.

The bill was opposed by the opposition in the house saying that it’s violative of basic structure.

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