As an inviting signal on the event of the Supreme Court continuing full physical hearings after a crevice of 2 years today, the Chief Justice of India N V Ramana at the side companion Judges took a round of the Supreme Court hallway to welcome the advocates this morning sometime recently the graduation of procedures of the day. 

On March 2020 theSupreme Court Has decided to exchange with total virtual mode with the onset of the COVID-19 widespread. In October final year, the Court has resumed physical hearings mostly. As per the SOP dated October 7, 2021, the Supreme Court had chosen that all the things recorded on Wednesday and Thursday, as non-miscellaneous days, would be listened by it as it were within the physical nearness of the counsels/parties in Court-rooms.  

Advance, as per the SOP, the hearings on random days (Monday and Friday) will be through virtual mode. All the things recorded on Tuesday, as a non-miscellaneous day, would too be listened in physical mode, in any case, on earlier application by the AOR for the party, appearance through video/teleconferencing mode will be facilitated.    

In see of the surge in COVID cases due to the development of the Omicron variation, the Supreme Court had returned to total virtual hearings from January 7, 2022. With a few judges and staff getting tainted with COVID, the judges begun to listen to cases essentially from private chambers. As it were critical things were taken up for hearing.

In see of the diminishment within the number of cases, the Supreme Court had chosen on February 7 to return to the as it were physical hearings on two days a week mode with impact from February 14. Last week, the CJI reported the choice to continue full physical hearings from nowadays. Lawyers will have the choice of virtual participation on Mondays and Friday. An altered SOP was issued to that effect.

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