The 11 years old child was sexually assaulted by the man of 28 years old, the Delhi based court convicted the man for sexually assaulting the girl.

The court observed in the case that a child below 12 years of age is asexual and it’s hard for them to recognize or understand the difference between love and disguised sinful love of the accused.

In 2017 a girl of 11 years old was sexually assaulted by the man of 28 years old. Today he is convicted for sexually assaulting the child.

Justice Dharmesh Sharma observed that the child take time to be aware and understands the situation and the next thing to set aside the resistance and tells about the sinful instance to near and dear ones of the child.

The court observed that children find it difficult to tell their parents about sexual assault when they are assaulted by someone who belongs to their family or be a near relative. The child was afraid by thinking that when they tell their parents about incidents how will they react towards them.

in this case child of a neighbour was assaulted by the man on the terrace of his building when she was 11 years old.

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