Seven devotees of Lord Visheswar have moved the Allahabad High Court (Lucknow bench) seeking the appointment of a committee/commission headed by a judge of the high court or supreme court (present/retired) to study the nature of the structure found in the Gyanvapi campus.

  The Writ seeks to ascertain whether a Shiva linga, as claimed had been found inside the mosque or it is a fountain as being claimed the Muslims. 

 The plea further seeks a direction to the UOI and the state of UP to act according to such a report and permit the devotees to pray as per the rituals in case a Shiva Linga has been found inside the mosque. 

 The writ petition has been filed by Advocate Ashok Pande on behalf of five residents of Varanasi namely Sarve Sri Sudhir Singh, Baba Balak Das, Shivendra Pratap Singh, and Markande Tiwari, and Rajan Rai and two Advocates practicing in high court at Lucknow namely Sri Ravi Mishra and Sri Atul Kumar.  The further its submited that when the structure which looks like Shiva linga was found in the mosque, it was the duty of the government to appoint a team of ASI with Hindu saints and Muslim clerics as its members to immediately go on the spot to ascertain about the nature of structure. “If it turned out to be shivering, it should have been given to Hindus by Sir Vicheswar for Puja, Arty, Prasad, and Darsan. It is the  BJP leader Nu who submits this petition. It stemmed from Sibling’s petition when Ms. Pool Sharma made several remarks about Professor Muhammad, who disrupted relations with the Islamic nation. ” Darsan, Artie can’t wait for years and needs to start without  further delay. The petitioner believes that tensions between communities will continue if religious ceremonies are not permitted, and that there may be O’s turmoil in the  coming days. There is a public order.

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