• The Supreme court held in UOI and another vs Abhiram verma, 2021 that a person can give his resignation at any time during the service but he cannot get voluntary retirement if he doesn’t meet the required criteria of voluntary retirement.
  • Under Order VI Rule 4 of code of civil procedure if the party pleading  misrepresentation, fraud and undue influence then it’s necessary to plead that specifically in the suit held by the court in Placido pinto vs Jose pinto, 2021.
  • In Ravindra Bajpe vs  Manglore Special Economic Zone ltd and others, apex court held that the managing director, executive director, chairman and other officers cannot be summoned in criminal complaint case unless there is particular role of them in that capacity in such criminal act.
  • When the claimant is unable to produce documentary evidence of the monthly salary or salary certificate of deceased during the claim under motor accident case. Then there is no mandate to calculate income on the basis of minimum wage. (Chanda vs Mukesh kumar yadav, 2021).
  • Narcotics Control Bureau is an intelligence agency established under Ministry of Home Affairs. The main object of agency is to combat drug consumption, trafficking, use of illegal substance, etc. it was established on 17 march, 1986 under Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substance act, 1985. Its headquarter is at New Delhi. This is in news because of the arrest of Aryan khan S/O Shahrukh khan yesterday in drugs consumptions case.

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