• Recently Supreme Court dealing with FIRs registered against accused for ponzi scheme. Ponzi scheme means to lure investors to invest money to get the profit on money and the profit paid to such investors is through the investment of recent of new investors and people who are investing thinking that there profit coming from a legal business source.
  • Three judge bench constituted to hear the case of Delhi government vs LG. the court decided to issue of service after dussehra. The issue of service means the summons served on the person summoned by the court through the court officer himself or through post.
  • The notice of contempt of court was issued by the Supreme Court to the Rajasthan High Court Bar Association on Monday for boycotting the high court bench as they were doing the strike before the court.
  • If the student reasonably criticized for his undisciplined behaviour and even after getting the warning she/he continued such behaviour and in consequence of such he/she simply reprimanded by the teacher and his/her parents called to the institution for correcting such behaviors. Afterward if such student commits suicide in consequence of reprimandation, the FIR against teacher under 306 of IPC is maintainable.
  • Supreme Court declined the request of government for reservation in promotion for OBC but gave a chance in case of SC/ST. the court said the government should produce the relevant date in court which prove before the court the lack of promotion of SC/ST.
  • The depandant of deceased cannot seek as a matter of right for appointment on higher post than on which the deceased. The appointment of the heir of deceased at his place in service is to help his family in monetary terms that died before the retirement age, this is not a right of person.

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