• The bail to Aryan khan was denied again by the Special court of Mumbai. Now against this order the accused approached the Bombay High court.
• The main evidence against the Aryan khan is what’s app chat is. His lawyer argued before the court that what’s app chat is a piece of weak evidence and bail is the rule and not jail.
• The apex court issued notice for construction of health insurance for health workers who helped during covid-19.
• The court explained the meaning of Furlough and parole. Furlough is for a shorter period in comparison to parole. The court explained the difference in the state of Gujarat vs Narayan Sai, 2021.
• Report published called ‘Deathworthy: A mental health perspective of the death penalty. Justice Muralidhar observed the report on mental health and the death penalty and said that it’s necessary to acknowledge the person at the stage of sentencing him to death. The report shows that 62 % of death row prisoners suffer from mental illness and 11 % of them suffer from intellectual disability.
• The court regarding the farmer’s protest said that the farmers have right to protest but they cannot block the road as its violating the rights of another person who are suffering due to such blockage.
• The court held in a case that the relief of anticipatory bail cannot be granted to any proclaimed offender or absconder.
• The doctrine of conscious possession developed by the court in Aryan khan’s Drug case. The conscious possession means that not only physical possession of drugs but also the knowledge of such possession is necessary. The term evolved by the Judgment passed by the apex court and High courts under NDPS act.

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