• Dera Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh held guilty in CBI court in the charges of murder of Ranjit Singh. The court observed in this case under 407(1) of CRPC there is reasonable apprehension that the trial proceeding is not taking place impartially for transferring case from subordinate court to criminal court. There is no fix rules regarding the transfer of case, it will be decided on the facts and circumstances of case.
  • In CBI vs Thommandru Hannah Vijaylakshmi, 2021 the Supreme Court held that the preliminary inquiry in corruption cases before registering the FIR is not mandatory. If the source discloses the offence or any information received by the officer. Such information or source satisfies the officer about the commission of cognizable offence. The FIR can be registered by officer without doing preliminary inquiry.
  • To protect right to education under article 21A of constitution. The unprivileged children cannot be denied to access the online education and various other courses available online: Supreme court.
  • When the complainant and the accused settle their dispute by an agreement aftermath they cannot file complaint in such dispute under section 138 of negotiable instrument act. The court observed that after settlement not following the terms of an agreement gives rise to the fresh cause of action and against that complainant can be filled under section 138 of negotiable instrument act or can avail other remedies under civil and criminal law.
  • In Smriti Madan Kansangra vs Perry Kansangra the court held that the custody of child taken by suppressing the material facts or by playing fraud on court such custody is void ab initio as the person approached the court with unclean hands.
  • It is mandatory to pre-deposit the 75 percent of the amount of award under section 19 of micro small and medium enterprises development act for filing an application or appeal in the court.
  • The apex court held that the national green tribunal vested with power to take suo moto cognizance on the basis of media reports, letter and on other basis.

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