The Delhi High Court has ruled for the first time to allow the submission of A4 double-sided papers. The Rules Committee’s recommendation in this regard was endorsed by the entire Court.
Since 1st April last year, the High Court has, in all jurisdictions, issued summaries of all kinds, such as petitions, affidavits, applications and other documents, and all appeals, orders and judgments of the High Court. We allow the use of A4 size paper. As with all district courts in Delhi.
However, the decision to use A4 paper on both sides is still pending.

According to the latest Instructions for Practice issued by the Registrar General of Delhi High Court on 10th October, printing/writing on both sides of the paper is now permitted. Here is the final notice:

“A4 size paper is used uniformly in all jurisdictions for all types of briefs contained in petitions, affidavits, applications, or other documents, etc. The A4 size paper to be printed must meet the following paper and format specifications.

A4 (29.7cm x 21cm) 75gsm minimum paper, with font – Times New Roman, size 14, spacing 1.5 (for quotes and indents – size 12, 1 spacing), borders 4 cm left and right, 2 cm top and bottom.
The print/inscription must be on both sides of the paper. ”
These practical instructions are used by w.e.f. Effectiveness. November 1, 2022.
Recently, at a public hearing, the divisional chamber of the High Court said from the administrative side that the Rules Committee had already decided to use A4 paper and double-sided printing for the purpose of judicial work, but the matter had not yet been approved. I was informed no. By the Court of Appeal.
The filing was made in a public interest lawsuit filed by the Center for Accountability and Systematic Change.

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