Juhi chawla with two other plaintiffs had filed a suit in Delhi High Court against untested 5G technology implementation in India. In the suit plaintiff had sought direction by court to concerned authority of government to clarify if 5G technology is safe for human and natural ecosystem. They demanded study, research on 5G technology by government and to make the result public. They also had demanded a clarification by Government that this technology is not only safe for human at present but also safe for future generation. Other two petitioners are Veeresh Malik and Teena Vachani.

On June 2 Juhi Chawla posted link of virtual hearing on her social media and urged her fans to join. The hearing on June 2 was attended by a lot of her fans who kept disrupting the hearing. Users with name like “Manisha Koirala & Jahnvi” entered the virtual courtroom on WebEx platform and sang hit songs of Juhi Chawla during the proceeding. This prompted Justice Jag Jivan Ram Midha to order Delhi Police to identify the unknown person and start contempt of court proceeding.

On June 4 Bench of Justice J.J.R. Midha dismissed the lawsuit and stated it was filled for a publicity stunt as is clear from the fact they posted link of the hearing on social media. The court also imposed a fine of Rs 20 lakh on the plaintiffs. The amount is to be deposited to Delhi State Legal Service Authority within one week and will be used for the cause of road accident victims. The court stated that plaintiffs have abused the process of law and wasted the time of court and their suit is unnecessary, defective, frivolous and non-maintainable. The Court also pulled plaintiffs for lack of their knowledge of the issue and for not approaching government first before instituting a suit which is mandatory under Code of Civil Procedure. They also had no evidence suggesting any harm by 5G technology. Advocate Deepak Khosla appeared in court for Juhi Chawla who was asked by the court about cause of action which he was unable to provide. After the news of fine imposed by court on Juhi Chawla reached to the people, many of them trolled her on social media.

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