The country is suffering because of the second wave of Covid-19 cases. Number of cases is Delhi has increased manifolds and has reached a alarming state on multiple levels. A large number of Advocates and their blood relatives, Judges and staff members of court have got infected of the virus. These statements were made on a sombre note by Delhi High Court on Saturday, 1st May 2021.

On seeing an advocate burst into tears during a hearing on shortage of oxygen in Delhi, the bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli observed that “The state has failed all of us in its fundamental obligation of protecting Right to Life under Article-21 of The Constitution of India”.

The Advocate Amit Sharma broke down in court during hearing and told the bench that his brother-in-law had succumbed to Covid. The Advocate had earlier approached the court to direct state authorities to allocate ICU bed because he was admitted in Agrasen Hospital and there were no ICU beds vacant.

The advocate Amit Sharma said with teary eyes to court that I have failed my brother-in-law. The court stopped him and corrected him ‘No Mr. Amit Sharma state has failed us all not you’.

The emotional exchange continued till whole proceeding. Lawyers kept mourning their grief and pleaded the court for help. The court said that it was getting very tough for them too, when state government counsel expressed their helplessness.

The court remarked, The state has completely failed in everything from hospital beds to oxygen supply. It is now a War; it is no longer a Battle.

The senior advocates one after another became emotional while informing the court about the loss of their loved ones and colleagues. The Bench empathised with them while stating that they understand their pain, as they themselves are going through the same sorrow. The problem according to the bench is not of Finances but it is of infrastructure.

The court also lamented the Delhi state government for their hotchpotch situation which was caused due to three different parties in central, state & municipal corporations.

The bench also directed authorities to release oxygen concentrators seized by them from black market and distribute them.

The Court suggested that the hospitals, suppliers and re-fillers should make watsapp groups to ensure better coordination and communication among them.

The court also asked the relevant authorities to scale up Rapid Antigen Test and also RT-PCR for health workers to protect them and their families.

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