Police moved to Delhi HC to seek a revision in case of murder, in which order issued last year by the lower court.

Justice Dinesh Kumar Sharma has issued a notice requesting Delhi police to acquiesce in his delay in filing an appeal, the delay was of the 15 months after the court’s trial was passed the order.

Tharoor’s advocate disputed the 15-month delay in filing a request for revision due to a discharge order issued on August 18, 2021. Pahwa further said the client was not provided with a copy of his request of revision filed before the court. Pahwa protested the delay and demanded that it should be discussed first. The HC then issued a notice to Tharoor, which was accepted by Pahwa.

At this point, he said that during the course of the trial, an order had been issued by the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, the Trial Judge, and the Delhi High Court stating that the documents of the trial should not be shared with anyone other than the parties. Due to ‘media trials’.

The Supreme Court has ordered that copies of the case files be made available only to interested parties. The same was not disputed by additional permanent legal counsel Rupali Bandopadhya who appeared for the Delhi Police and the matter was listed on 7 February 2023. On January 17, 2014, Pushkar was found dead in his luxury hotel suite in Delhi. FIR by police registered against Tharoor and charged him under Section 498A (Her husband or his relatives have committed an atrocity against a woman) and Section 306 (Incitement to commit suicide) of the Indian Penal Code.

Last August, Special Judge Geetanjali Goel declared that a defendant “will not be forced to face the gossip of a criminal trial unless there are concrete allegations and sufficient evidence” in the case.

“There is no doubt that precious lives have been lost. However, at this stage the court does not have sufficient material to identify specific allegations and the various elements of the crime that the accused committed the crime. In that case, the defendant will not be forced to face the accusations gossip of the criminal trial. Referring to the report of the Commission (an independent commission of doctors set up by the Ministry of Health at the request of the investigating body), the second report said the death was neither murder nor suicide, but the deceased was “I had suicidal thoughts, but I didn’t say it was a suicide, and there was no other material to support it,” so “no room confirmed that the death was a suicide,” the special court said. said the official.

It said, “Even when the deceased has suicidal thoughts and committed suicide, or is suspected of causing serious injury or endangering life, limb or health, as is the case in the prosecution.” There was a premeditated action on the part of the defendant that could induce the deceased to commit suicide…”.

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