In Leela Dixit vs Registrar General, the apex court upheld the order of termination of additional session judge passed by State of Madhya Pradesh on the recommendation of the High Court.

During her probation period, She altered the judgment in the murder case from five years imprisonment to Culpable homicide not amount to murder.

Thus the wrong judgment while probation leads to the administrative decision of her termination by the court. Against her dismissal order by the state, she approached the Supreme Court.

The bench consists of Justice Lalit, Justice Ravindra and Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia heard her case. The court observed that the judge was terminated on the recommendation of the Madhya Pradesh High court.

The judge appeared in person before the court as the petitioner and requested that it was her first mistake in her first judgment. She should be provided with one chance to prove her abilities.

She cited case authorities before the court to defend disciplinary action against her, judgment produced mentions that the action cannot be taken against the judge for wrong judicial order.

The court said that is for typographical error, minor or untended mistakes for which the court cannot be charged in disciplinary proceedings, but her mistake is gross and cannot be neglected.

The court dismissed the writ petition filed by the additional session judge and confirmed her termination order.

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