In what could be described as a bizarre event, a couple ended their marriage because of our favourite Maggi fast food! Sound unbelievable? Judge ML Raghunath recently revealed to a leading newspaper about the “Maggi case” in which her husband filed for divorce due to his wife’s inability to cook and while she simply knew how to make “Maggi noodles”. This absolutely left us all speechless. Judge Raghunath revealed that “the husband said his wife did not know how to prepare food other than Maggi noodles. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all pasta focused. The husband complained that his wife went to the store and only came back with instant noodles. Raghunath called the case the “Maggi case” and said the couple eventually divorced by mutual agreement. “Justice said that this issue was raised when he was district judge in Bellari, Karnataka. Judge Raghunath also revealed that many of these kinds of small things occurred to him while he was at the Mysore court hearing. He said we often get petitions from couples where the wife may have put a little more salt in the food. One of the cases came from a woman who claimed that the groom had misunderstood the colour of the suit. Straightening the File for Young Married Couples Judge Raghunath said that “a couple must be together for a year before they can file a divorce case” and if there were no such laws there would have been cases where divorce applications would come straight from the wedding hall. Earlier, a Telangana man repeatedly called the number “100” while he was drunk, complaining that his wife was not ready to cook “Mutton Curry” for him. However, the police intervened and filed a harassment complaint against the same man for abusing the hotline.

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