A seat Including  Judges Dinesh Maheshwari and Aniruddha Bose on Friday(March 25) labeled the request recorded by the Bishopric of Thamarassery at the side the request recorded by the Eparchy of Bathery. The request recorded by the Eparchy of Bathery was prior deferred for two weeks onMarch2.

The Kerala High Court, in its judgment conveyed on August 12, 2021, watched that “the devout amazingness vested with the Bishop or missional progression ought to be caught on restricted to devout things both transient and spiritual represented by ministerial law viz., the Rule law” A single seat of Justice P Somarajan watched that these powers of the Bishop will not include to disaffect the property vested within endowment.

The Dioceses have taken complaint to these comments made by the High Court and have fought that they are based on an wrong understanding of the Canon Law. The applicants contend that the incorrect comments made by the High Court will unfavourably influence all Dioceses.

Within the judgment, the High Court had moreover watched that Canon Law cannot supplant the common Civil Law and focused require for an enactment to direct the Church endowments…

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