Srinagar court passed an order of imposing a fine of 10 lakhs on wife for harassing her husband by filing the wrong case against him and compelling him to leave the household-they share.

This judgment came in a case in which the said wife was filing several cases in different courts and then withdraws the same after some time. She didn’t make any effort to the execution of the interim order passed by the courts in cases filed.

Small causes court of Srinagar presiding judge FAYAZ AHMAD QURESHI in 18 pages order directed wife to pay Rs 10 lakh to her husband or it will be recovered in a manner.

In a case filed by the wife, the court passed an order on 21/April/2019. The court said in that order that husband and wife should live with each other in the shared household. And the wife should provide two separate rooms in the house two husbands.

Against this order, the wife filed an appeal before the Supreme Court, but her appeal was dismissed by the court.

 Then husband filed a petition for the execution of the order passed on April 29, 2019.

The court ordered the station house officer for executing the order of 29, April 2019 in spirit on 15 November 2021.

Court ordered the parties to maintain the same status as before filing the petition it was.

After the legal struggle of two years, they both decided to live in a shared household that was built by them in 30 years of marriage.

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