On Monday, Delhi high court raised the issue of increasing false cases of rape and sexual offences. The court observed that the false allegation must be dealt with strictly in the interest of justice.

Justice subramonium Prasad observed that rape is an attack on the victim’s mind; it puts a scar on the soul of the victim, which will not be easy to erase. But presently the advocates’ practices showed that they are false allegations of rape in their case benefit and not understanding the importance of the provision of rape. He said that false allegations of rape must be dealt with an iron hand so it will not be easy to raise a frivolous allegation of rape or any sexual offences before the court.

Justice observed the increased number of cases filed under section 354, section 354A, section 354B, section 354C & section 354D for pressurizing the accused to admit the demands of the complainant.

These false cases consuming the important time of the court, which is against public policy.

These offences are serious and heinous in nature. If they are raised dishonestly then the purpose behind them will not be fulfilled.

The court thinks that the misuse of the provision should be minimized, if a false allegation is founded by the court then exemplary punishment must be imposed.

The issue was raised before the court while dealing with the petition filed for quashing the FIR of rape on grounds of compromise between the accused and the prosecutrix.

Present petition dismissed by the court as it will set the wrong precedent. This will open the option for the accused then he will pressurize the victim of rape for compromise of the case.

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