• The name of district forum is changed to District Commission.
  • In the previous act, the party who wants to file an appeal before the state commission needs to submit Rs 25,000/- on order of District commission. This amount replaced by the new act from 25,000 to 50% of amount ordered by District commission.
  • In the previous act the limitation for filing an appeal was 30 days, which is now increased to 45 days. There is scope of condonation delay in exceptional cases.
  • The state commission is comprised of 5 members.
  • The pecuniary jurisdiction of District commission is up to 1 crore. And the pecuniary jurisdiction of state commission increased from 1 crore to 10 crore.
  • Complainant can file his complaint within the territorial jurisdiction of commission where the complaint resides or works for gain.
  • Under section 49 and 59 of new consumer act, the state commission and NCDRC given power to declare any term of contract null or void which is unfair to consumer.
  • Under section 51 of new consumer act second appeal can be filed in NCDRC if there is substantial question of law raised in the case.
  • The power of revision is also given to NCDRC under section 58 and to state commission under section 47.
  • Under section 40, section 50 and section 60 the power of reviews given to district commission, state commission and NCDRC respectively.

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