Private school teacher arrested after child’s mother filed a complaint in 2017.
The Karnataka High Court has ruled that in a criminal case filed against a five-year-old girl’s teacher at a private school kindergarten in Bengaluru for punishing her by pulling her pants down in front of other children. The court noted that “a teacher’s infliction of trauma on young children as a punitive measure would have a devastating psychological impact on the child,” adding that “such conduct would not allow the petitioner to commit a complete crime. It’s undeniably rude unless it’s brought to court.”
Judge M. Nagaprasanna while dismissing a petition challenging an indictment filed by a 41-year-old teacher based on a complaint filed by the mother of the victim’s child with the Police Department in 2017. , recently issued this order. The child’s mother had complained that the accused teacher had beaten the child first. After her parents objected to such behaviour, the teacher began punishing the children by pulling down the children’s pants and having other children in the class mock him/her. It is also alleged that the children were threatened by saying they would be locked in a dark room where a dog was kept. The applicant also claimed that her daughter was locked in a dark room for about two minutes as punishment. The court had recorded the child’s testimony corresponding to allegations made in the complaint. He pointed out that it was stipulated that anyone who made himself visible would be prosecuted for sexual harassment. Impact on children
“Children who experience aggressive behaviour or violence at the hands of their teachers often develop emotional and behavioural problems. that can adversely affect children’s academic performance. Attacking a child by any means by a teacher is unacceptable,” the court said.
Justice Nagaprasanna also said, “It must be remembered that ‘save the stick and spoil the child’ has changed to ‘save the stick and teach the child.”

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