The case came before the High court of Karnataka where the parent of seventeen and the half-year-old girl was forcing her to get married and to discontinue her studies.

After hearing this case the court granted relief to the girl and allowed her to stay in government children home till the time she attain majority age, as well as she can continue with her further studies from government children home.

The writ of habeas corpus was filed before the court of Karnataka by the mother of the girl. She alleged in the writ petition that her child was kidnapped and when they reported about the kidnapping through the complaint, police had not taken any action on such complaint.

When the girl was produced before the court of justice by police. She told the court that she had left the home by her own will and was living at his brother’s house in Goa. She states the reason that her parents were forcing her to get married and to discontinue her study.

Therefore her parents gave an affidavit before the court in which they admitted that they never force her to get married and to discontinue her studies. But she requested in the court that she didn’t want to go with her parents else she would live in government children home.

The court directed the authority to take care of her and to bear the expenses of her studies. The court granted visiting rights to parents and allowed the girl to go back to her if she anyways changed her mind later.

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