The Himachal Pradesh government dismissed the judicial officer from his office after the report of an enquiry by the Himachal Pradesh high court. The Himachal Pradesh high court recommended to the government of Himachal Pradesh to dismiss the judicial officer as he was found guilty of corruption.

Governor of Himachal Pradesh passed an order of dismissing the additional chief judicial magistrate Gaurav Sharma in case of bribe in which he had taken 40,000 rupees from the local resident.

Under clause ix of rule 11 of CCS, 1965 the governor can pass the order to dismiss the judge from his service on the recommendation of the high court.

When in 2017 the additional chief judicial magistrate Gaurav Sharma was appointed as ACJM Sundernagar. The two cases of cheque bounce under 138 of the negotiable instrument act were pending before his court, for settlement of the case he demanded the amount of 40,000 from the party. One of the parties lodged the complaint in the Vigilance and Anti-corruption Bureau.

Due to this misdeed, the high court decided the dismissal of ACJM Gaurav Sharma as punishment for him.

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