WILL is the instrument that contains the wish of the dead person regarding his property distribution. This is made by the person before their death for reducing the dispute over the property between his heirs.

It’s not necessary that one should contact a lawyer for making his will, if he himself is clear about the things he wants to do then he can make his own will. There is no registration of a will but if the will is registered it’s become more authentic.

If the will is registered and in future due to the change in circumstances testator wants to change his will then he can be made changes in the previous will and the latter will be registered. After the latter will registration previous will is not valid.

For making a will there is no need for stamp duty or stamp paper. Mostly it’s considered safe to register the will to keep it in safe custody.

Under section 2h of the Indian Succession Act, 1925 ‘will’ is defined as the ‘legal declaration of the person making the will with respect to his property, which came into effect after the death of the testator’. This provision is applicable to Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Christian and Buddhists.

One should not disclose his will to anyone this may cause problems in his life and house.

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