The Karnataka high court granted relief of divorce to the wife of 42 years old from her husband of 53 years old. The allegation raised that her husband treat her as a cash cow to repay the debts of his family and satisfy his financial needs. She alleged that there is no emotional relationship between them as there is the only financial status of the woman is the reason for continuing wedlock with the husband.

This is an appeal against the impugned order passed by the family court by declining the relief of divorce to the wife. The bench consists of justice Alok Aradhe and Justice J M khazi hearing the present appeal filed before them by the wife.

The couple got married in 1999 and the daughter out of the said wedlock in 2001. The financial status of the husband’s family creates chaos as the parents, husband siblings always fight over the same. The husband neglected his duties toward his wife and never paid attention to her needs.

She left for UAE and worked as an employee in the commercial bank by her income she paid the debts of her husband’s family and bought some agricultural farms in their name.

In 2012 she decided to take divorce from her husband as he doesn’t have any kind of support towards her. Even he and his family draining her financially and emotionally.

For giving last chance to her marriage in 2013 when she taken her husband with herself to UAE and bought salon for him but despite of her efforts he don’t want to be financial independent and returned back to India.

She produced the evidence that over 60 lakhs she spent on the family and husband and even lived away from her daughter.

The court after hearing the facts and circumstances of the case granted the relief of divorce on the ground of mental cruelty.

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