The marriage between two adults from different religious group is matter of choice of adults. But this seen as a problem in the society. Our constitution and courts recognized the rights of adults to choose their partner for marriage but society still lagging behind.

Special marriage act is enacted for the registration for unique form of marriage where both parties not belong from same religious. This act extends to whole of India.

This act deals with religions like Muslims, Jains, Buddhist, Hindu and Sikhs.

This act applies not only to the citizens of India but also to people living out of India.

The main requirements for this is that the marriage should be perform with the consent of both the parties. Such marriage is valid marriage under this act.

If both the parties are competent to marriage and ready to live their life together than they should not be restricted by the religion, caste, class, etc.

For competency to marriage the boys should be above 21 years old and girls should be above 18 years of marriage. Both parties should be unmarried or no party should have a living spouse. Both should be mentally capable at the time of marriage of making and understanding their decision.

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