“Anything that diverts the attention of the driver is perilous,” said New Delhi Traffic Commissioner by appreciating the rules propounded by the judges.

In New Delhi, two judges barred smoking and talking on mobile while driving a car. They said, “New Delhi roads are dangerous to human life”. They imposed rules for deterrence of habitual bad drivers who usually in long traffic lines used to smoke or use their mobiles while sitting in their car.

It’s the first rule of its kind in India, which is governing the capital territory of India of nearly 1.9 crore citizens.

Those caught smoking or using their mobile phones while driving are charged with a fine of approximately 2000 rupees, a penalty is kept on increasing with the repetition of the offence and after the fifth time, even the licence can also be revoked. The fine is less for other less defined offences while driving.

During the coronavirus, traffic rules have become more stringent for a driver driving without a mask, sanitiser, talking on the phone or smoking or breaking quarantine rules, his licence can be revoked or can be charged with a fine of nearly 2000 rupees in absence of anything above mentioned.

Drivers in Delhi welcomed the court ruling and orders of the Delhi government, by saying that anything which controls the chaos of traffic in Delhi is good.

The roads of Delhi are frightening with four million buses, bicycles, cars, motorcycles, rickshaws, horse-drawn carts with millions of pedestrians and cows roaming on the road.

Despite this 2 million people are daily customers of Delhi metro railways.

Similarly, in 1988, the court forced all city public transport to switch from gasoline and diesel to compressed natural gas to cut the pollution of the city.

The court had to make rules because the death toll on roads was raised to 2000, and the traffic rules were not updated for the last thirty years.

Distracted driving leads to an accident, and in most cases smoking or using mobile phones is a common factor behind an accident. Traffic officers want people to pay focus on their car only while driving the vehicle.

Ban on mobile phones while driving is a law adopted in many countries like USA, China, Africa, but there are very few countries that ban smoking while driving the car. Irland is the first country that bans smoking in an enclosed area. In India, Delhi is the only state which illegalises smoking while driving a car.

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