Section 17 of Registration Act,1908 (RGA) deals with the documents require compulsory registration. The object behind this section is to increase the authencity in the transaction and prevent any kind of fraud or misrepresentations.

Section 17 describes the following documents which require compulsory registration: 

Instrument dealing with gift of immovable property requires compulsory registration. Under section 123 and 124 of Transfer of Property art, 1882 (TPA), the instrument dealing with gift of immovable property require compulsory registration as well.

A non-testamentary instrument purporting or operating to create, align, limit, declare or extinguish any right, with or interest in immovable property of Rupees 100 upward, whether it’s creating vested or contingent right required to be registered. Under section 54 of TPA any right, title or interest immovable property by way of sale require to be compulsory registration.
Exception of this rule is provided under section 59 of TPA i.e., mortgage by title deed.
A non-testamentary instrument acknowledging receipt of payment of money as consideration for creating declaring, assigning, limiting on extinguishing any right, title or interest” in immovable property of rupees 100 or upward.

A lease for year to year, lease for exceeding one year or lease for which yearly rent secured require compulsory registration. Under Section 107 of TPA also lease for exceeding one year require compulsory registration. 

Exception provided in the proviso, it states that State government through official gazette exempt lease forfive year  or lease up to fifty rupees from registration.

A decree or order or award of to any person court transf. creating, assigning declaring, limiting or extinguishing any right, title or interest in Immovable property require compulsorily registration.

Sub-section 2 of section 17 of registration act  provide the following exception:

a. composite deed 

b. A document creating right to execute another document 

Subsection (1A) of Section 17 of Registration Act, 1908 added by amendment act of 2001. It states that on or after Registration amendment act, 2001 that any document created under section 53A( part performance) of TPA require compulsorily registration.

Under sub section 3 of section 17 of RA, 1908 Authority to adopt executed after 1 January, 1872require registration.

Effect of non-registration of document requirescompulsorily registration.

Section 49 of RA, 1908 deals with the effect of non registration of compulsory registrable document. 

It states that document required to be registered under Section 17 or TPA, 1882, if not registered then the document: 

A. Not affects immovable properly in respect of which it’s executed.

B. Not gives authority to adopt.

C. Not taken as evidence of transaction of property.

Provided that such document can be used as evidence of contract under chapter 2 of specific Performance act or for any collateral purpose.

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