Justice Bela M. Trivedi on Tuesday refused to hear Bilkis Bano’s plea against the early release of 11 prisoners at the Supreme Court.

She (petitioner) was gang-raped in the 2002 Gujarat riots, filed a petition challenging the state government’s amnesty for the convicted, and their early release “shattered the social conscience”. said.

As soon as a court of Justice Trivedi and Justice Ajay Rastogi initiated the hearing on the plea on Tuesday, Justice Rastogi said he did not want his sister judge to hear the case. The bench did not specified a reason for his denial and why justice bela m trivedi not want to hear the plea.

All 11 prisoners were released on August 15th of this year. In a petition against the enactment, Bano said the state government issued a mechanical order that completely ignored the legal requirements put forward by the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court asks state governments to review applications for early release of prisoners within the meaning of his landmark decision of July 9, 1992 on decisions on petitions for remission within two months.

Bilkis Bano was 21 years old and five months pregnant when she was raped while fleeing riots in 2002. The incident also killed seven members of her family, including his three-year-old daughter.

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