Justice Biren Vaishnav, the senior judge on the bench, offered a public apology to Justice Mauna M. Bhatt following a heated exchange that occurred during court proceedings. In an open court session in the presence of advocates and staff members, Justice Vaishnav acknowledged his error and expressed regret for his conduct.

He stated, “What happened on Monday shouldn’t have happened. I was wrong. I am sorry for that. We begin a new session. It shouldn’t have happened. It’s just that, I don’t know…I was wrong.

The Incident that prompted this apology transpired during court proceedings when Justice Bhatt disagreed with an order being passed by Justice Vaishnav and murmured something to express her dissent. This action apparently irked Justice Vaishnav, who responded by saying, “Then you differ yaar. We have differed in one, you differ here also.” Justice Bhatt clarified, “It’s not a question about differing.”

Justice Vaishnav’s response continued, “Then do not murmur; you pass a separate order then. We are not taking any more matters.” Following this exchange, Justice Vaishnav left the courtroom. Although the incident was originally broadcast on YouTube, the video recording was later removed.

This apology signifies an effort to move past the incident and maintain professionalism within the court. It reflects the importance of acknowledging errors and promoting a harmonious working environment among judges.

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