Little-known and interesting facts about Judge L. Nageshwararao of the Supreme Court were revealed today during his farewell ceremony, which he played in the film many years ago.

 “He has appeared in many films as a police inspector. He has appeared in a film called kanoon Apna Apna with Kadir Khan and Sanjay Dutt.” It was released in 1989.

 “Judge was also a film actor when he was young. I just learned it,” India’s Attorney General KK Benugopal said in a speech.

Vikas Singh, Chairman of the Supreme Court Bar Association, also commented on Judge Rao’s acting skills. “It’s no secret now that he appears in movies and has diverse personalities. Acting is a very difficult task and when he gets over it, he shows the diversity of his personalities. Judge said in his reply speech that he was interested in theater when he was young and one of his cousins ​​was a director.

“I didn’t want to be an actor. You know lawyers act in court … The judge does that too. “

 Rao was a cricket player and had played  for Andhra Pradesh’s Ranji Trophy.

 Vikas Singh at this year’s cricket match said in a cheerful tone, “People blamed me for modifying the match to allow judges to play this year.” If the IPL game is in progress, the TV is on … “Judge Rao said.  “I love being active and sports were the first thing that taught me a lot in my life. Don’t hate losing. Losing is a stepping stone to success.” Said Judge.

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