Lack of legal capacity, even among educated citizens, especially with regard to criminal law, is one of the reasons why criticism is levelled on social media when courts provide relief in criminal cases and order to arrest people. Judge Abhay Shreeniwas Oka said it was one. Judge of the Supreme Court of India.

 He was speaking at the farewell ceremony for the Silver Jubilee event at the Karnataka  Legal Affairs Bureau (KSLSA) in Bangalore on Friday. I understand that even educated citizens are unaware of legal provisions, especially criminal law. As a result, there is a lot of criticism on social media when judicial officers and judges grant or resign bail. Even educated classes do not know the difference between bail and innocence. They do not know why bail is granted.

 He emphasized the importance of legal literacy programs implemented by state legal authorities at all levels of society, saying that “there is a complete lack of knowledge about our judicial system.” “.

 Judge Oka states that courts and judges face a lot of criticism because people do not understand how the judicial system works, and the legal knowledge that mediates people. To gain, he said more lawyers and paralegal volunteers (PLVs) needed to be involved.

 Supreme Court Judge Dinesh Maheshwari said the role of PLVs working on behalf of legal services agencies at the grassroots level. Said that proper awareness and honour for their efforts are needed.

 The media said Judge Maheshwari must publish PLV’s social work in the event of a crisis. Reporting was required, but it was just as important to report the assistance provided to the victims of the accident, as in many cases only deprivation was reported, not assistance provided. He added that emphasizing PLV’s selfless service in the media would be of great help in motivating them.

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