Bofors Scam- Appeal After 12year by CBI

CBI has filed an appeal in the matter of Bofors scam in Supreme court stating that they have new Evidence in the matter. The judgement of Delhi high Court is Challenged after 12year. In 2005 Delhi High Court have acquitted the accused however on Friday CBI has filed an SLP .The report have came that Attorney General have also given Permission to file an appeal in Supreme court .The Bofors scam dates back to 1980s when a deal worth Rs. 1,437 crore was signed between India and Swedish Manufacturers for the supply of 400 144 mm FH 77-B tanks, to the Indian army. The contract for the guns was entered on March 24, 1986, between the Government of India and M/S. AB Bofors..After which, the CBI had filed an FIR in this case on the ground that a mind blogging sum of Rs. 64 crore was paid to M/s AB Bofors and other individuals as “commission” in this deal. Advocate Ajay Aggarwal who was standing in Lok Shabha Election againt Sonia Ghandhi in 2014 has Challenged the judgement of Delhi High Court. On Friday the matter have to come before Supreme Court but unfortunately it couldn’t came up.

The first charge sheet in the case was filed on October 22, 1999, against Chadda, Ottavio Quattrocchi, the then defence secretary S K Bhatnagar, Ardbo and the Bofors company and Rajiv Ghandhi name was also added after his death . The President, Hershman, who is of the US-based private detective firm Fairfax, had claimed in television  interviews that Rajiv Gandhi was “furious” when he had found a Swiss bank account “Mont Blanc”. He had also alleged that the bribe money of the Bofors gun scandal had been parked in the Swiss account .A supplementary charge sheet was filed against the Hinduja brothers on October 9, 2000. In which Quattrocchi,S.K. Bhatnagar,chadda and Ardbo is already dead. On filing an Appeal In Supreme Court the Delhi high court has said that it gone with error in the judgement as documentary evidence which was filed in trial court were “neither available in original nor as duly authenticated copies.

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