A law intern was recently found dead in Bangalore. Curiously, she had filed a sexual harassment complaint with Commercial Street police just days before she was found dead. The intern was from Andaman & Nicobar Islands and had traveled to Bengaluru.

According to a TOI report, she was assigned to work with an advocate named Chandra Naik T, who introduced her to another advocate called Chetan Desai, a pleader with Karnataka High Court.

She alleged that the two advocates “used to take her to pubs and bars and force her to consume alcohol. They would then touch her inappropriately and sexually harass her.”.

She had then filed a sexual harassment complaint with the Commercial Street police on November 20. However, she was found dead on Saturday, November 24, under mysterious circumstances at her PG in Malleswaram. Her PG owner also asked the police to investigate the matter.

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