On Tuesday during the hearing of the matter an advocate on record requested the bench of Justice Ravindra Bhat and Justice UU Lalit to adjourn the matter and list the matter day after today. The judges out of concern asked for the reason why you should need to list the matter day after today and not today itself.

The advocate on record told the court because his senior advocate who is going to argue in this matter is not present today and will come the day after tomorrow that’s why I am asking for the adjournment.

The judges felt disgusted after hearing the context behind the adjournment. CJI UU Lalit said to the counsel that you are an advocate on record and this is how you practice before the court. Justice Ravindra Bhat also reprimanded the same.

Judges asked the counsel that you and your senior didn’t have the knowledge that the matter is listed today. Your senior advocate knowingly willfully chooses to not appear before the court.

This case came before this court in 2015 still there is progress happening in this case.

But the advocate on record consistently requested for the two days adjournment and the judges decided to give the adjournment on the condition that he will argue the matter and his senior will sit next to him.

The advocate on record requested the court that he will argue the matter but that will not be in the interest of the client.

The court thereafter removed the condition and granted the adjournment of two days and directed to list the matter as the first item the day after tomorrow.

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