The plan will cause serious damage to the country, the petitioner says.

 A PIL proceeding to challenge the Agnipath program was filed in the Supreme Court on Monday. He said the recruitment of troops under the program would cause “serious damage” to civilians, military organizations, and the country as a whole. Attorney M.L. Sharma asked the Supreme Court to explain the notice of judgment issued by the Department of Defense.

“On June 14, contrary to the provisions of the Constitution, the defendant (government) interrupted the military’s centuries-old selection process without the consent of Congress and without being published in the official bulletin, they have imposed an Agnipath program on all recruitments, proclaiming the recuritment of the army and that it is to begin on June 24, 2022, “says the petition.

 Mr Sharma noted that the apex court recently intervened to ensure gender equality and protect the fundamental rights of female officers to seek permanent service in the military. Even without a pension, lawyers said the military could not discriminate against a policy of dropping 75% of those recruited after four years of service. “Four years later, of all candidates elected to work full-time in the Army, only 25% will continue to be employed and the remaining 75% will retire. Salaries and allowances will be paid over a four-year period. Four years later, 75% of these candidates will not receive any pensions, “Sharma said. 

 The petition stated that a permanent committee should see retirement from service. Protests and violence stem from most of the youth who face a “dark future” and oppose military service as “contract work,” the petitioner said.

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