The lawyer was shot dead in the morning in Lalau village, district south Firozabad, UP.. The incident caused controversy in the area. Lawyer Shiv Shankar Dubey was shot dead by the villains when he was out for his morning walk.

Shivshankar Dubey, a lawyer and former bar association treasurer, was shot dead on Monday morning while he was out for a morning walk in Lalau village, Tanah South district. The lawyer reportedly dropped his son to school around 8:20 a.m. and was walking on the road leading from Lalau to Baidi around 8:30 a.m. The bullet is said to have hit him in the head. Meanwhile, Thanmay, the son of the deceased, says his father got into a fight with a resident of Mohara Bim Nagar at the district headquarters, resulting in a fight between the two, but the militants later resolved the issue.

After the incident, tensions arose in the area. According to information, police officers and a forensic team have arrived at the crime scene. Police are investigating the matter. Police officers are unable to provide specific information about the incident at this time. Police officials are also scanning installed CCTVs in that area and looking for clues to the case.

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